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Assorted Small Arms 2 by CryonIndustries Assorted Small Arms 2 by CryonIndustries
Top Left
TIS 'Tartarus HVAR'
Weapon Type: High Velocity Assault Rifle
Usage: Long-range perforation, cannot be carried by light infantry
Description: Unwieldy in most humanoid hands, the Tartarus HVAR was designed to be fielded in the hands of powered armor infantry. The weapon fires extremely long tungsten sabots capable of penetrating most EM shields due to their weight. The sheer size of the sabots means that the weapon cannot carry too many rounds. The weapon also has a slow refire rate due to the amount of power required to push the rounds at the insane velocities the weapon is capable of.
Weight: 12 kg, Loaded, 11 kg, unloaded
Magazine Size: 24 Tungsten Sabots, 9.8mm x 72mm
ROF: 450 RPM
Range: Medium to Long

Top Right
DT-PPFG 'Voskhod'
Weapon Type: Focused Phasic Particle Gun
Usage: Incineration and Shield Disintegration
Description: Another one of Denar Technologies' unconventional weapons, the Voskhod fires a concentrated beam of charged particles at foes, disabling EM shielding in milliseconds. The weapon is prone to overheating due to its output, but replenishes its capacitors at a fairly rapid rate. If not cared for in between combat scenarios, the weapon's performance can degrade rapidly. The weapon is also capable of 'trapping' the charged particles in a chamber and agitating them to extreme levels, intended to be directed outwards in a cone of molten death.
Weight: 8 kg
Magazine Duration: 6 seconds of constant fire
ROF: Not Applicable
Range: Short to Medium

Bottom Left
Cryodyne 'Korolev' Carbine
Weapon Type: Disruption Carbine
Usage: Close-quarters light infantry
Description: A superbly crafted Verkovian weapon, the Korolev is a reliable and deadly short-range disruption carbine. Its parts are durable and it has advanced detection systems built in. The weapon also has excellent cooling systems. Main drawback with the weapon is its profoundly expensive ammunition. Easily transported and very maneuverable. As with most modern Cryodyne weapons, the Korolev comes with a specialized shield projected from the front of the weapon to provide additional protection. The shield does draw energy from the user's own power supply, but the protection provided is worth it.
Weight: 2.2 kg unloaded, 2.8 kg loaded
Magazine Size: 24 charges, 32 charges with expanded cores
ROF: 800 RPM
Range: Short to Mid-short

Bottom Right
Cryodyne FGP-05
Weapon Type: Multi Grenade Launcher
Usage: Multi-purpose anti-personnel/anti-emplacement weapon, medium infantry
Description: A Verkovian grenade launcher with a shorter barrel than the average multi-grenade launcher. Has a revolver-style magazine that carries five impact-detonated grenades. It supports various payloads including Iridine electrofragment grenades, chemical incendiaries, and cryodium vapor grenades (capable of freezing opponents). When vaporized cryodium comes into contact with oxygen, it causes a chemical reaction in which the cryodium absorbs heat at a near-instantaneous rate, freezing whatever it has come into contact with.
Weight: 5 kg unloaded, 5.8 kg loaded
Magazine Size: 5 grenades
ROF: Semi-automatic, 240 RPM
Pyrotactick Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
You put a lot of detail into your guns! well done!

Voskhod, I like the design! That's on this year's wish list alright!
Blackhawk2955 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that grenade launcher... i want one
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