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Denar Tech Weapon Sample by CryonIndustries Denar Tech Weapon Sample by CryonIndustries
Denar Technological Advancements is proud to present the cutting edge in advanced directed-energy weaponry.

Weapon Type: Disruption Tech Rifle
Functionality Description: Fires disruption bolts at a moderate fire rate, but with devastating effect. It uses dual capacitors to enhance its power output, and it also has dual cooling stubs that radiate the heat output so as to maintain a constant fire rate.
Fire Rate: 500 RPM
Magazine Size: 18+18, power cells must be cooled individually.

DT-MPGL Chernobog
Weapon Type: Multi-purpose Grenade Launcher
Functionality Description: A six-shot grenade launcher with an integrated submachine gun, this heavy bastard fires concussive shells at a high semi-auto fire rate, and its secondary armament helps finish the job if low on grenades.
Fire Rate: Semi-automatic for GL, 800 RPM for SMG.
Magazine Size: GL: 6, SMG: 30

DT-PPR Bogatyr
Weapon Type: Phasic Particle Rifle
Functionality Description: A high fire rate coupled with anti-electromagnetic shield functionality creates a fierce weapon that will tear through shields and armor alike. Its range doesn't match some of the larger PPRs in Denar Tech's arsenal, but its compact size and ease of use in close-quarters situations makes it a formidable weapon in the right hands.
Rate of Fire: 1100 RPM
Magazine Size: 40 Charges (Default)

DT-PPMG Solokov
Weapon Type: Phasic Particle Machine Gun
Functionality Description: A PMG that provides superior suppressive fire against hardened positions and is used more as an anti-emplacement assault weapon because of its penetrative properties. Hard to control at higher RPMs, the Solokov has a variable fire rate that can be tuned depending on the ranges as well as the output requirements. The length of the firing channel is far greater and it is also more concentrated than that of the Bogatyr, producing greater ranges than its CQC counterpart.
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM to 1200 RPM (Adjustable)
Magazine Size: 120 Charges (Default)
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